Biomass Pellets

Biomass pellets are made at a pelletisation plant.Here wood that is unsuitable for other industries like sawmill residues, are brought together. The wood is chipped, screened for quality, heated to reduce its moisture content to below 12% and then converted into a fine powder.

Why Biomass Pellets?

Renewable Energy

Pellet is made from waste materials: Ply waste, corn cobs, furniture shavings, saw dust and other byproducts.

Environment Friendly

Our Pellet has negligible sulphur emission and thus is a pollution free alternative to coal.

Reduce Forest Fire

We consume unwanted forest floor for raw materials of pellet, thus helps reduce the forest fire and preserve new seedlings.


Product Specifications

Calorific Value4400-5000 Kcal/kg
Moisture < 10%
Bulk Density650-750 kg/M3
Volatile Matter80-84%
Ash Content< 3%
Sulphur< 1%
Packaging Size25 & 40kg


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