Biomass Briqette

Biomass briquettes are a form of biofuel derived from compressed organic matter. They can be made from various types of biomass, including agricultural residues, wood waste, paper, and other plant-based materials. The briquetting process converts low bulk density biomass into high-density and energy-concentrated fuel.

Why Biomass Briquette?

Green Coal

Our briquettes comprises of waste biomass (plywaste, corncobs, saw dust) converted to high quality fuel. The green way to fire your furnace and boilers.

Replacement for wood

Replacement for wood Our briquettes are the correct replacement: easy storage, no extra chipping, high density and available all seasons

Cost efficient

Our Briquettes save your boiler fuel by 30-40%.


Product Specifications

Gross Calorific Value (GCV)4000+ Kcal/kg
Moisture < 14%
Density800 kg/M3
Ash Content< 6%
Packaging Size25-27 kg


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